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4th Circuit on Laffey-based fee (again)
The 4th Circuit is no fan of the Laffey matrix, a scale used to award attorney’s fees in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. But the court said in a new federal workers’ comp case that the matrix could be a starting point for awarding fees to a D.C. lawyer who won LHWCA benefits for nuclear…
4CA nixes NoVa ‘Matrix’ fee, again
A credit reporting service has escaped the Matrix for payment of attorney’s fees for violating federal fair credit reporting statutes. The popular “Laffey Matrix” schedule is used in the Washington, D.C., area to award attorney’s fees. For the second time in a year, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has told NoVa lawyers they…
Attorneys – Attorney’s Fees – FLSA – Rule 68 Offer – Laffey Matrix
In this overtime-pay case, an Alexandria U.S. District Court approves attorney’s fees up to $290 per hour, a price a little lower than the Laffey Matrix rate specified in the client’s contract. The Rule 68 offer of judgment and this court’s entry of judgment require defendants, jointly and severally, to pay plaintiff’s reasonable attorney’s fees…
Labor – Overtime Pay – FLSA – Attorney’s Fees
An Alexandria U.S. District Court rejects use of the Laffey Matrix to determine a fee award for plaintiff employees of group homes for disabled clients, who are entitled to attorney’s fees as prevailing parties under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and awards plaintiffs $36,000 in attorney’s fees and $408 in costs. Defendants correctly contend that…
Attorney’s Fees Awarded at NoVa Rates
An Alexandria U.S. District Court awards defendant lender $20,000 in attorney’s fees that plaintiff borrower will have to pay should he bring a new lawsuit against defendant, after determining defendant was entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees for defendant’s costs for summary judgment and for plaintiff’s voluntary dismissal under Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(2). Recent decisions…
Contract – Brokerage House Mailing List – Confidentiality Agreement
A marketing company that successfully defended against plaintiff mortgage company’s suit alleging breach of a confidentiality agreement that allegedly covered development of a methodology for creating mailing lists for targeted promotional materials, wins attorney’s fees under the parties’ Service Agreement, and an Alexandria U.S. District Court awards fees of $641,595 and costs of $140,279, including…
Consumer Protection – Credit Reports – Identity Theft – Attorney’s Fees – Hourly Rate
A woman who spent years trying to get Equifax credit reporting service to correct her credit reports, and who lost the chance for a home mortgage and suffered emotional distress, has her damage award of $200,000 for Fair Credit Reporting Act violations affirmed, but the 4th Circuit remands for recalculation of the $268,652 attorney’s fee…
Fees Reduced for Duplicate Work
In the wake of defendant AOL’s $5 million offer to settle class claims by AOL members who allege defendant violated electronic privacy laws by releasing for download 20 million search queries conducted by people using over 600,000 AOL screen names, the Alexandria U.S. District Court declines to award fees in the amount requested by class…
Cost adjustment in lawyer’s fee award
A mortgage borrower won over $11,000 in attorney’s fees in his suit alleging a lender failed to timely notify him his loan had been transferred. Won Kim sued under the Truth in Lending Act, and after he accepted an offer of judgment for $4,001, his lawyer asked for fees at an hourly rate of $500….
Corporate – SOX Whistleblower – Attorney’s Fees – Rule 68 Offer
An employee who accepted defendant corporation’s $130,000 Rule 68 offer of judgment on his Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower case was a “prevailing party,” but the 4th Circuit vacates and remands the district court’s award of $325,484 in attorney’s fees and costs because the offer only covered pre-offer fees and costs and the employee’s use of his lawyer’s…

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