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Board Heard Sectarian Prayers, Despite Neutral Policy (access required)

When a religious leader’s invocation at a county board of commissioners’ meeting referred to Jesus Christ and other tenets of the Christian faith, that prayer typified the board’s allowance of sectarian opening prayers at its meetings, and the 4th Circuit ...

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Qualified Immunity for Strip Searches after Ion Scan (access required)

Maryland prison officials who used ion scanning to screen employees and performed vehicle searches and strip searches of those who tested positive for drug residue have qualified immunity from the employees’ suit alleging violation of their Fourth Amendment rights; the ...

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Tailgating Traffic Stop Was All About Drugs (access required)

The 4th Circuit upholds suppression of 34,091 Oxycodone pills found in defendant’s rental car because the trooper who stopped defendant’s car on I-95 for tailgating violated defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights when the trooper spent the next 15 minutes asking defendant ...

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