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Qualified Immunity Upheld in Strip-Search Suit (access required)

Correctional officers at Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center who conducted routine strip searches of arrestees have qualified immunity from the arrestees’ claims under 42 U.S.C. § 1983; the 4th Circuit says the specific security concerns and procedures for conducting ...

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Court Upholds Rafters’ Enhanced River Access (access required)

Although whitewater rafters want greater recreational access to headwaters of the protected Chattooga River, and landowners living near the headwaters argue against increased access, the 4th Circuit upholds the balance struck by the U.S. Forest Service which will allow floating ...

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Mandatory Time Applied for Supervised Release (access required)

A defendant cannot take advantage of an amendment that eliminated the supervised release statute’s mandatory minimum sentence because the statute was amended after defendant committed the underlying drug and firearms offenses for which he originally was sentenced, but before he ...

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