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Trademarking Counterfeiting Convictions Vacated (access required)

In their prosecution of two defendants for a scheme to import and resell counterfeit pieces of computer networking equipment, including some with a Cisco Systems trademark, the government’s theory of prosecution based on a “material alteration” theory of counterfeiting trademarks ...

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HOA Wins Challenge to Exclusive Cable Contract (access required)

A cable provider’s exclusive contract to provide cable services to a real estate development violated an FCC order that prohibited such exclusivity arrangements, and the 4th Circuit affirms judgment for the homeowners’ association that successfully challenged the contract. Codified at ...

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Sentence Enhancement for Duplicates of Child Porn Image (access required)

A defendant who sent duplicates of a limited number of images of child pornography is eligible for a five-level enhancement of his sentence under Section 2G2.2(b)(7)(D) of the federal sentencing guidelines; the 4th Circuit rejects the notion that duplicate images ...

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