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Defendant’s Absence at Discovery Hearing Not Plain Error (access required)

On plain error review, the 4th Circuit holds that a district court did not err in holding a hearing not attended by defendant on defense counsel’s motion in limine to exclude prosecution expert witnesses identified only two days before trial. ...

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TSA Screening Challenge Filed in Wrong Court (access required)

A family seeking to challenge the use of advanced imaging technology scanners and invasive pat-downs at airport screening checkpoints, as ordered by Transportation Security Administration, filed suit in the wrong court, as 49 U.S.C. § 46110 confers exclusive jurisdiction over ...

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Employer Can’t Pull Back ERISA Contributions (access required)

In this dispute over employer U.S. Foodservice Inc.’s alleged overpayment of contributions to employee health and pension funds under the parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreements, the 4th Circuit says the plan administrator did not abuse its discretion in refusing to reimburse ...

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Defense Contractor’s Extradition Challenge Rejected (access required)

The 4th Circuit affirms wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering convictions for a defendant extradited from Mexico, who set up serial businesses to win government contracts to supply defective and nonconforming spare parts for use in U.S. military aircraft, vehicles ...

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