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Searching for a mutually unsatisfactory but acceptable solution (access required)

Solution Puzzle Magnifying Glass FEA

A sense of control is key to decisions by parties and counsel to turn to alternative dispute resolution, whether they decide to arbitrate, or make the increasingly popular choice to mediate. If arbitration is a decision-making process that pres­ents an ...

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No finish line: The future of family law mediation

Future Crystal Ball Years Prediction FEA

In Tomorrow’s Lawyers, Richard Susskind writes, “It is exciting and yet disconcerting to contemplate that there is no finishing line for IT and the Internet.” Susskind’s observation is equally applicable to the fu­ture of family law mediation. Like the Internet ...

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Focus of NYT series not representative of arbitration (access required)


A three-part series in the New York Times this past fall (“Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice,” Oct. 31), spotlighting certain abuses and injustices in particular types of arbitration, has gained wide attention in the ADR community, the broader ...

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Stressed by a coworker or partner? There is a cure.


You and a coworker may be suffering from idiopathic mutual irritation, and never know it. Idiopathic mutual irritation, or IMI, is a phenomenon I see so often in my mediation practice that I had to give it a name. “Idiopathic” ...

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