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Workers’ comp commission goes small for mediation (access required)

Worker Injury Claim Form

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission is renewing its push for alternate dispute resolution of injured workers’ claims. The agency has long touted the benefits of ADR for claimants and carriers by outlining agency mediation services on its website and promoting ...

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Mediation safety in spotlight after Arizona shooting (access required)

A settlement conference aimed at ending a court conflict unexpectedly turned into a scene of death in Phoenix in late January. The bloody outcome of that meeting has prompted many alternative dispute resolution professionals to take a second look at ...

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Online arbitration tool launched by the AAA (access required)

The American Arbitration Association has announced the launch of what it calls the first online arbitration and mediation tool, known as ClauseBuilder. The tool – which can be found at www.clausebuilder.org – provides parties with the AAA’s standard arbitration agreement. ...

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Compelled mediation: Showing your good faith (access required)

Driven by crowded dockets, a desire to avoid having to resolve difficult cases, or a desire to protect perceived vulnerable populations from likely adverse outcomes in courts of law, statutes, rules, court orders and judicial decisions that force disputing parties ...

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Shaping a ‘mediation’: It’s not in the name (access required)

It is fair to say there are about as many ways for counsel to use a third party to assist their settlement negotiation as there are creative and determined counsel, parties and neutrals. And, fair to say, lawyers are apt ...

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Baseball arbitration: It isn’t just for baseball (access required)

In 1966, Marvin Miller, a labor economist with various unions, became the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, serving in the position until 1982. No less an authority than Red Barber has said that Miller, along with ...

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The VLW 2012 ADR Survey

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to provide the results of the VLW 2012 Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey. This project provides information about ADR providers across Virginia. For a fee, participants had the opportunity to provide basic information about their ADR ...

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For both sides of a mediation, 10 points to consider (access required)

Whether you are mediator or litigator, there are crucial guidelines for achieving successful mediation results. Here is a list of 10 essential things for both sides. For litigators 1. Consider the personality of the mediator in your selection process. There ...

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Turning tables, investors demand arbitration (access required)

Investors who claimed they lost $1 million based on their securities seller’s bad advice can force the firm that later hired the salesman to arbitrate their claim for fraud. The investment firm said the fraud claim arose during the investment ...

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