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Plaintiff entitled to $19M in additional tax credits for property – $19,000,000 Verdict (access required)

This case stems from the conservation tax credit program codified under Virginia law at Code § 58.1-512. Under that program, when a grantor donates land for conservation purposes, the Department of Taxation is to issue tax credits in an amount ...

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ABC agent hit with punitives, commonwealth found liable – $80,000 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff was involved in a rear-end accident with the defendant, who was an intoxicated ABC agent. The defendant drank at least six beers in a three-and-a-half hour period immediately preceding the accident and had a BAC of 0.16. He ...

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High court hears record wrongful death appeal (access required)

A man should not keep a jury award for his wife’s death when he and his lawyer conspired to remove photos from his Facebook page and then lied about it to the court, a defense lawyer told the Supreme Court ...

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Trucker’s son injured when vehicle overturned – $995,214 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a 12-year-old boy riding as passenger in a logging truck operated by his father. Plaintiff’s father lost control of the logging truck, which ran off the highway and overturned. Logs penetrated the truck cab causing plaintiff significant injuries, ...

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Van-fire plaintiff can cite other fires (access required)

A Waynesboro family can use evidence of other fires in Ford Windstar minivans to sue Ford Motor Company for the wrongful death of their three-year-old daughter after their minivan caught fire in their driveway. Earlier, an Albemarle County Circuit Court ...

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Appendectomy didn’t remove appendix, caused colon problems – $1,500,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff underwent an intended laparoscopic appendectomy which did not remove his appendix, but instead resulted in the transaction of his sigmoid colon. After two days of drainage to his abdomen through the open sigmoid, plaintiff became quite ill and returned ...

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