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Prepaid rents for foreclosed property litigated – $29,219 Verdict (access required)

The case arose out of the foreclosure of the Palatine building in Arlington. William Casterline was the foreclosure trustee. MR Troy Street Holdings LLC was the former owner of the building. 1301 N. Troy LLC purchased the building at a ...

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Cyclist suffers brain injury after being hit in crosswalk – $3,000,000 Settlement (access required)

On Oct. 10, 2007, the plaintiff began riding his bicycle across a street in Arlington, with a green light and within the crosswalk.  The defendant, stopped at a red light, turned right on red while looking left, despite two signs ...

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Woman suffers stroke after infertility treatment – $1,500,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff suffered a stroke after undergoing in vitro fertilization therapy. Her attorneys contended that that the defendant physician was negligent because he ignored warning signs for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and continued the therapy. The syndrome developed and caused enlargement ...

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Treble, punitive damages awarded in consumer fraud case – $130,919 Verdict (access required)

Defendants sold a car to plaintiff, financed payment from a bank, convinced plaintiff to re-finance the car, accepted the second payment, and then failed to pay off the first loan in its entirety as they were obligated to do. Defendants ...

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Lacoste Can Subpoena Costco in ‘John Doe’ Suit (access required)

In this first-impression case, an Arlington Circuit Court says it has jurisdiction over a “John Doe” defendant in this suit filed by Lacoste for breach of contract and trademark infringement based on sale of its branded merchandise in club stores ...

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Law firm recovers fees for communications law work – $91,013 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff, a communications law firm with its principal office in Arlington, filed a breach of contract action to recover attorney fees owed by a New York-based business that owns and operates AM radio stations in several states. The plaintiff firm ...

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