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Sanctions for persistence reversed (access required)

What part of no don’t you understand? Chesterfield lawyer Richard C. Ferris II tried four times to get a circuit judge to set aside a default judgment entered against his client – the original pleading, a motion to reconsider, a ...

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Attorneys – Attorney’s Fees – FLSA – Rule 68 Offer – Laffey Matrix (access required)

In this overtime-pay case, an Alexandria U.S. District Court approves attorney’s fees up to $290 per hour, a price a little lower than the Laffey Matrix rate specified in the client’s contract. The Rule 68 offer of judgment and this ...

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Attorneys – Legal Fees – Collection Suit – Construction Dispute (access required)

A law firm that defended a client in a construction dispute, winning summary against the plaintiff and then settling the client’s counterclaim on essentially the same terms suggested by the law firm several months earlier, wins its suit for the ...

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Attorneys – Fees – Lawyer Disqualification – ‘Vexatious’ Standard (access required)

Although defense lawyers showed poor judgment in continuing to represent multiple defendants in this suit alleging medical malpractice and excessive force in the death of a disabled surgical patient at MCV Hospital, a Richmond U.S. District Court says their conduct ...

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