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Court Considers Social Security in Ch. 7 ‘Abuse’ Case (access required)

Debtors whose financial predicament results from excessive consumer spending and not from some unforeseen external calamity, and whose “financial situation” would allow them to settle with their unsecured creditors without sacrificing their standard of living or exhausting husband’s Social Security ...

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Unwanted disclosure: New Chapter 11 rules require law firms to reveal all their fees (access required)

Poker Hand

New guidelines for paying bankruptcy lawyers in Chapter 11 cases contain an unwanted surprise. In big-ticket bankruptcy cases, law firms not only must provide fee schedules for their bankruptcy attorneys; they must provide their fee schedules for all firm practice ...

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No Recovery of Brokerage Account Assets (access required)

In this adversary proceeding arising out of the bankruptcy of debtor Derivium Capital LLC, the 4th Circuit upholds judgment against a consulting company, assignee of the bankruptcy trustee, that was attempting to recover as “fraudulent conveyances” assets transferred into debtor’s ...

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