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Dentist cut patient’s lip during crown removal – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff’s lip was cut during the removal of a temporary crown. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant used a dangerous dental tool and excessive force while attempting to remove the temporary crown, instead of using safer alternatives. Plaintiff alleged that ...

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Coal ash settlement believed to be first of its kind in Virginia – $200,000 Settlement (access required)

Defendant owned a commercial property adjacent to the plaintiff’s business in Chesapeake. As part of the construction of a new motel, the defendant dumped toxic coal ash along both sides of the property line. Here, the defendants spread coal ash ...

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Agency Must Pay Hospital’s Legal Fees (access required)

A Chesapeake Circuit Court orders the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance to pay a hospital’s legal fees in the parties’ dispute over reimbursement for medical services provided by the hospital to Medicaid patients. A party has substantially prevailed on the ...

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City, church agree on just compensation for taking property – $3,700,000 Settlement (access required)

The City of Chesapeake originally sought to condemn an 8,147 square foot parcel of land in fee together with drainage, utility and temporary construction easements for the improvement of Dominion Boulevard. The land sought to be acquired by the city ...

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Newspaper defamed school principal and his son, jury finds – $3,000,000 Verdict (access required)

On Dec. 18, 2009, The Virginian-Pilot published a news article, authored by Louis Hansen, about Phillip Webb, a public school assistant principal, and his son, a student in the same school system. Plaintiff alleged the defendant newspaper falsely implied that ...

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State Employee Wins Reinstatement & Back Pay (access required)

A Chesapeake Circuit Court reinstates with back pay a Department of Corrections captain who was fired after testing positive for marijuana. Petitioner appeals a final decision upholding his termination from the Department of Corrections for a positive marijuana result to ...

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