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Fair Credit Reporting Act – Standing – Summary Judgment (access required)

Phillips v. Trans Union LLC (VLW No. 017-3-477, 15 pp.) (Moon, J.) 3:16-cv-00088; W.D. Va. Holding:  Where plaintiff debtor sued defendant loan servicer for providing inaccurate information to a credit reporting agency, in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, ...

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Subject Matter Jurisdiction – Federal Question – Choice of Law – Contracts – Federal Land (access required)

Jaaat Technical Services LLC v. Tetra Tech Tesoro, Inc. (VLW No. 017-3-452, 22 pp.)(Lauck, J.) 3:15-cv-235; E.D.Va. Holding:  Because the parties’ choice-of-law clause, which provides that Virginia law applies to any contract disputes, is enforceable, Virginia law applies. As a ...

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Preliminary Injunction – Employees – Trade Secrets – Confidentiality (access required)

Integrated Global Services Inc. v. Mayo (VLW No. 017-3-468, 18 pp.) (Lauck, J.) 3:17-cv-563; E.D. Va. Holding: Where an employee executed a confidentiality agreement with his employer governing the use, non-disclosure and return of company information and property but, upon ...

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Dismissal Based on Sovereign Immunity – Third-Party Claim Not Derivative (access required)

Glover v. Hryniewich and the City of Norfolk, Virginia v. Willard Marine, Inc. and SAFE Boats International, LLC (VLW No. 017-8-090, 7 pp.) (Lannetti, J.) CL16-3262-00/01/02/03 Holding: Where the complaint against defendant and third-party plaintiff-city was dismissed based on immunity ...

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No Fraudulent Joinder in Apartment Mold Suit (access required)

A tenant’s suit alleging injury from significant mold levels in her apartment is remanded from Richmond U.S. District Court to Virginia state court; defendants failed to show fraudulent joinder of the apartment complex manager, as plaintiff alleged she relied on ...

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