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No ‘Good Cause’ for ‘Financial Incapacity’ (access required)

Defendants, including a corporation which is attempting to appear pro se, have failed to show any good cause or excusable neglect why the Alexandria U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge should change its previous recommendation that default judgment be granted against ...

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No ‘Fiduciary’ Exception for Protected Docs (access required)

In plaintiffs’ ERISA suit against an employer who allegedly promised plaintiffs pension credits if they returned to work for the employer after an eight-year stint with the CIA, the Alexandria U.S. District Court denies plaintiffs’ motion to compel production of ...

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Partnership Alleged for Chinese Exchange Program (access required)

In this dispute arising from an alleged partnership to operate an international exchange program with China, an Alexandria U.S. District Court will not consider the parties’ lengthy and self-serving affidavits on defendant’s motion to dismiss; plaintiff’s allegations are sufficient to ...

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