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Partnership Alleged for Chinese Exchange Program (access required)

In this dispute arising from an alleged partnership to operate an international exchange program with China, an Alexandria U.S. District Court will not consider the parties’ lengthy and self-serving affidavits on defendant’s motion to dismiss; plaintiff’s allegations are sufficient to ...

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Court Orders Dismissal with Prejudice (access required)

In plaintiff’s patent infringement suit against H&M for allegedly selling underwire brassieres that infringed on plaintiff’s patent, the Norfolk U.S. District Court grants plaintiff’s motion to voluntarily dismiss with prejudice. Because dismissal with or without prejudice is a question of ...

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Wrongful Discharge Claim Goes to State Court (access required)

Although plaintiff amended her employment discrimination complaint to omit a state-law wrongful discharge claim but keep a sexual harassment claim, and then filed her state-law wrongful discharge claim in state court, the employer can’t win dismissal of both claims from ...

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No New Discovery in Coalbed Methane Case (access required)

In plaintiffs’ long-running suit seeking royalties from defendant coalbed methane producers, remanded by the 4th Circuit for redetermination of class certification, the Abingdon U.S. District Court denies plaintiffs’ requests for additional discovery; plaintiffs’ request discovery that would be cumulative of ...

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