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Court Seals Chair Maker’s Business Docs (access required)

In plaintiff chair manufacturer’s contract action against Starbucks Corp., a Norfolk U.S. District Court grants plaintiff’s motion to seal portions of its reply memorandum in support of a motion for the sanction of limiting Starbucks’ claim to chairs that have ...

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Claims Dismissed Against Insurance Adjusters (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court denies remand of an auto-accident plaintiff’s suit because  of his fraudulent joinder of nondiverse defendants, including insurance adjusters, who were not named in the assignment of rights under which plaintiff is suing; the Richmond U.S. ...

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Negligent Retention Claim Does Not ‘Relate Back’ (access required)

In this suit alleging decedent died from a massive overdose of morphine after defendant hospice nurses mistakenly crossed morphine and saline lines, the Buchanan County Circuit Court says plaintiff’s claim for negligent retention in her third complaint does not relate ...

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Jurisdiction Covered by Notice & Complaint (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court says an assignee of an auto-accident tortfeasor’s rights against his auto liability insurance carrier may amend his notice of removal in a breach-of-contract/bad faith suit against carrier representatives who failed to settle the claim against ...

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