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Access Allowed to Plaintiff’s Mental Health Records (access required)

A plaintiff alleging his former employer, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, violated the Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, has placed his mental health at issue by asserting damages including emotional pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental ...

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Lawyer May Intervene in Settlement Enforcement (access required)

Having determined to enforce the parties’ earlier settlement agreement, the Newport News U.S. District Court now grants the motion of plaintiff’s lawyer to intervene in light of defendants’ failure to make the necessary payments under the settlement agreement; defendants must ...

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Employer Can’t ‘Mirror-Image’ Home Computers (access required)

A health care provider cannot obtain mirror images of the hard drives of a fired employee’s home desktop and laptop computers to defend her claims of discriminatory discharge under the FMLA and ADA; although there’s a connection between plaintiff’s home ...

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Court Orders ‘Alter Ego’ Discovery (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court upholds a magistrate judge’s order requiring defendant to produce discoverable material concerning alter ego allegations in this admiralty case involving attachment of a vessel, the Cape Viewer, by multiple claimants. Defendant Freight Bulk Pte. Ltd. ...

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