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Venue Transfer Denied in Trade Secret Case (access required)

Although plaintiff, a Virginia limited liability corporation, is moving some of its operations to Durham, N.C., the company president’s declarations indicate its headquarters still are located in Radford, Va., where the president maintains a home and where significant corporate records ...

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‘Excusable Neglect’ Found for Filing Delay (access required)

A defendant’s one-day delay – due to the weather, a national holiday and forgetfulness – in filing reply briefs to accompany their motions to dismiss and/or transfer plaintiffs’ business tort suit is deemed “excusable neglect,” and the Richmond U.S. District ...

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Weak Virginia Sales Cited in Venue Transfer (access required)

In plaintiff Taiwanese corporation’s patent infringement suit against a defendant whose production activities occurred in Austin, Texas, the Richmond U.S. District Court grants defendant’s motion to transfer venue to the Northern District of California; defendant’s sales activity in Virginia has ...

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No Recusal for Judge’s Class Membership (access required)

In this ongoing litigation by SunTrust Mortgage against United Guaranty, a subsidiary of AIG International, for breach of a mortgage insurance contract, a Richmond U.S. District Court judge declines to recuse himself from hearing additional matters based on his participation ...

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