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Website Company Can Sue Florida Clients (access required)

Two Florida companies, and two of their officers/employees, who hired plaintiff Virginia company on an “emergency” basis to develop and host their website and email exchange are subject to personal jurisdiction in the Alexandria U.S. District Court. Defendant Florida corporations ...

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Jurisdictional Amount Satisfied by Damage Claim (access required)

An auto service center franchisor can stay in federal court because its complaint for breach of contract alleging defendant failed to pay the advertising expenses or operational fee under the contract and failed to properly transfer assets alleges damages over ...

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‘Show Cause’ Ordered for Sealing Request (access required)

In this litigation over plaintiff company’s complaint that AOL, Google and other defendants have used plaintiff’s search advertising systems to infringe two of plaintiff’s patents, the magistrate judge for the Norfolk U.S. District Court says the parties must appear and ...

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Plaintiff Not ‘Diligent’ in Discovery Effort (access required)

In a shipyard employee’s “hybrid” Section 301 suit against his union local and the terminal that fired him, the magistrate judge for the Norfolk U.S. District Court says plaintiff’s lawyer waited too long to serve discovery and denies his request ...

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Company’s Investment Arbitration Claim Transferred (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court says it has both subject matter and personal jurisdiction over this suit seeking confirmation of a $2.8 million arbitral award in favor of plaintiff insurance company and against the Argentine Republic, but the court transfers ...

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Sealed Expert Reports Contain Trade Secrets (access required)

Pursuant to an earlier discovery confidentiality order, an Alexandria U.S. District Court grants plaintiff company’s motion to seal two reports from its expert and two reports from defendant’s expert, as the requested sealing is narrowly tailored to protect information related ...

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