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No Diversity Jurisdiction in Insured’s Suit (access required)

The Richmond U.S. District Court grants insurance reciprocal’s motion to dismiss for lack of diversity homeowner’s action to recover $500,000 under a partial settlement with insured homebuilder; the weight of authority holds that a reciprocal has citizenship wherever it has ...

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Magistrate’s Discovery Sanctions Sustained (access required)

The magistrate judge properly sanctioned the United States $24,363 for evasive discovery tactics, the Norfolk U.S. District Court says. United States sued tugboat owner. During pretrial discovery, the United States delayed producing documents integral to tugboat owner’s defense.  Tugboat owner ...

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No Attorney-Client Protection for Docs (access required)

After in camera review of approximately 100 documents, a Richmond U.S. District Court overrules defendants’ claim of attorney-client privilege on all documents; defendants have failed to show their relationship with another company’s lawyers to extend the privilege to those communications; ...

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Company Demand for Document Review Denied (access required)

A natural gas company defending potential class-action suits for royalty payments cannot claim privilege as to the bulk of documents it has identified as protected, except for a memorandum concerning advice of counsel about potential litigation against a surface owner, ...

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