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Personal Jurisdiction from Website Ads (access required)

A Newport News U.S. District Court has personal jurisdiction over a New York defendant whose website advertised on-the-job training programs in Virginia, allegedly using marks and training materials from plaintiff’s company, in violation of the Lanham Act. Plaintiff Jeffrey Nelson ...

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Corporation ‘Resident’ in Norfolk, Not Richmond (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court says a comparison of defendant corporation’s contacts with both the Richmond and Norfolk divisions shows this suit alleging breach of a noncompete contract should be transferred to the Norfolk division; and defendant’s assertion of a ...

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Court Won’t Apply ‘Notice’ Requirements (access required)

A Wise County Circuit Court says Tennessee notice requirements do not apply in this personal injury suit against a cardiology practice group, as choice-of-law rules make clear that Virginia law governs this case. Since plaintiff filed this action in Virginia, ...

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No Personal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Banks (access required)

A Virginia federal court does not have personal jurisdiction over defendant banks based outside the U.S., in plaintiff spam-tracking network’s suit seeking class-action relief against defendants who provide credit-card processing services for individual defendants who allegedly operate illegal online pharmacies ...

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Unjust Enrichment Claim Not Properly Pled (access required)

An Abingdon U.S. District Court dismisses plaintiff’s second amended complaint for unjust enrichment, as the parties’ relationship is governed by their distributorship agreement, an express contract. Under the pertinent law of Illinois, a claim for unjust enrichment is based upon ...

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