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No ‘Bias’ Recusal After Seven-Week Trial (access required)

Defendant Kolon Industries, who lost a multi-million dollar suit filed by plaintiff DuPont alleging misappropriation of trade secrets involving DuPont’s KEVLAR aramid fibers, loses its post-trial recusal motion in Richmond U.S. District Court contending the presiding judge, a former law ...

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Contract Case Meant for Texas Courts (access required)

Under a “Sales Teaming Agreement” between defendant Project Resource Consulting LLC (PRC) and plaintiff ITech Consulting Group Inc. Texas law would govern the Agreement, and further, the Fairfax Circuit Court does not have personal jurisdiction over defendant PRC, a New ...

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Rebuttal Witnesses Not Too Late (access required)

In plaintiffs’ defamation suit against a television station, a Norfolk U.S. District Court magistrate judge says plaintiffs may not belatedly designated certain persons as case-in-chief witnesses, but they may name two additional persons as rebuttal witnesses. Plaintiffs allege defendants’ March ...

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No ‘Claw-Back’ for Company Docs (access required)

In plaintiff company’s show cause proceeding alleging defendant software company is violating an injunction plaintiff won to prevent defendant from making, using or selling certain product configurations and services, the Richmond U.S. District Court declines to allow defendant to “claw ...

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