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Agency Must Produce Records on Medicare Fraud Claim (access required)

In this lawsuit by three former therapists at Marion Youth Center who allege violations of the federal False Claims Act and the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, the Abingdon U.S. District Court refuses to excuse the commonwealth from production of ...

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Worker-Safety Research Center Must Provide Docs (access required)

A maker of safety syringes designed to eliminate contaminated needlestick injuries, who is suing a competitor for patent infringement, false advertising and antitrust violations, wins its motion to compel a U.Va. worker safety research center to comply with a subpoena ...

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‘Taki’ allegations fail to impress judge

A former punk rock musician from Charlottesville who threw the kitchen sink into his defamation lawsuit against an international society writer has his case washed down the drain by a federal judge. Jason Jackson used 91 pages to lay out ...

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No Discovery of Driver’s Statements to Carrier (access required)

A defendant driver in this auto-accident case does not have to give plaintiff statements defendant made to her liability insurance carrier that prompted the carrier to open an investigation file; a Salem Circuit Court says the documents requested were work ...

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