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Some Emails Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege (access required)

After in camera examination of a series of emails and other documents that circulated in defendant company, and considering whether in-house counsel appears to be discussing business or legal issues, a Richmond U.S. District Court magistrate judge orders disclosure of ...

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Court Vacates Lawyers’ Pro Hac Vice Revocation (access required)

The 4th Circuit vacates a South Carolina trial judge’s order revoking temporary admission to practice for three Miami lawyers who asked the judge to recuse himself from hearing a suit involving supplemental cancer insurance policies. Transamerica Life Insurance Company and ...

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Kluge facing $24M default judgment

The unraveling of Patricia Kluge’s country squire lifestyle has spawned a court decision sure to catch the breath of any lawyer – a default judgment totaling nearly $24 million. Bank of America sued In January claiming Kluge was in default ...

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Sanctions Denied for Destroyed Email (access required)

In DuPont’s lawsuit against a Korean competitor who hired a former DuPont employee and allegedly used DuPont’s confidential information and trade secrets to improve the competitor’s process for producing aramid fiber, a Richmond U.S. District Court denies the competitor’s motion ...

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