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Court Vacates Lawyers’ Pro Hac Vice Revocation (access required)

The 4th Circuit vacates a South Carolina trial judge’s order revoking temporary admission to practice for three Miami lawyers who asked the judge to recuse himself from hearing a suit involving supplemental cancer insurance policies. Transamerica Life Insurance Company and ...

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Kluge facing $24M default judgment

The unraveling of Patricia Kluge’s country squire lifestyle has spawned a court decision sure to catch the breath of any lawyer – a default judgment totaling nearly $24 million. Bank of America sued In January claiming Kluge was in default ...

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Sanctions Denied for Destroyed Email (access required)

In DuPont’s lawsuit against a Korean competitor who hired a former DuPont employee and allegedly used DuPont’s confidential information and trade secrets to improve the competitor’s process for producing aramid fiber, a Richmond U.S. District Court denies the competitor’s motion ...

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New Order Can’t Correct ‘Accidental’ Language (access required)

A homeowners association suing a noncompliant owner can’t get a second default judgment with an injunction, after the first order included, “by accident,” language stating the owner was in compliance; a Fairfax Circuit Court says the earlier order was final ...

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Diversity Depends on Company’s ‘Nerve Center’ (access required)

In a West Virginia coal sales company’s contract action against steel companies Severstal Wheeling and Mountain State, the 4th Circuit reverses the district court’s dismissal of the case for lack of subject matter jurisdiction; the district court erred in holding ...

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Defendant Not Estopped from Claiming Diversity (access required)

Although defendant in this auto-accident personal injury case initially represented that she is a Virginia resident, she is not estopped from asserting diversity jurisdiction to keep the case in the Richmond U.S. District Court after defense counsel ascertained that in ...

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