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Court Approves Securities Fraud Settlement (access required)

Institutional investors in Neustar stock who have settled their securities fraud class action claims based on Neustar’s statements about its chances of winning renewal of a lucrative government contract for a central data registry of wireless telephone numbers win the ...

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Boat Inspection Prompts Spoliation Dispute (access required)

In litigation arising from a boating accident in which a teenage girl’s leg was pulled into the boat’s propellers, plaintiff’s counsel acted improperly in conducting inspections of the boat, with the boat owner’s permission, prior to notifying representatives of the ...

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Florida Nephew Subject to Virginia Contract Claim (access required)

A Florida resident who signed a contract with plaintiff Flood Doctor as the “authorized agent” of his 95-year-old aunt for work on her Virginia home, is subject to personal jurisdiction in Virginia, says a Fairfax Circuit Court; the Florida resident ...

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Affirmative Defenses Struck From Answer (access required)

In plaintiff information management company’s suit alleging defendant Dollar General committed patent infringement and tortious interference with a contract by misrepresenting to a third-party printing company that Dollar General had a license to the patent in question, the Norfolk U.S. ...

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Med-Mal Carrier’s Subrogation Suit Transferred (access required)

An Abingdon U.S. District Court transfers venue in a hospital med-mal insurance carrier’s subrogation action against the remaining defendants in a wrongful death suit alleging failure to timely diagnose a woman’s lung cancer; the suit is transferred to the Eastern ...

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No Sanctions for Third-Party Email Demands (access required)

Plaintiff marketing firm suing a Canadian manufacturer of armored personnel carriers for commissions for sales of its products to a foreign government is not entitled to sanctions against defendant for its failure to produce certain emails from the independent contractor ...

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