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Local Police Can’t Detain on Civil ICE Warrant (access required)

Local law enforcement officers can’t detain individuals solely based on known or suspected civil immigration violations, but that rule wasn’t clearly established law when defendant deputies arrested a Salvadoran dishwasher after questioning her outside her workplace, and the 4th Circuit ...

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Fees Recommended in School Prayer Case (access required)

In a plaintiff’s successful Establishment Clause challenge to a county board of supervisors’ practice of opening its meetings with Christian prayer, a magistrate judge for the Danville U.S. District Court recommends awarding plaintiff $53,229.92 in attorney’s fees and costs. Plaintiff ...

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Civil rights claim against prosecutor goes forward (access required)


A Richmond federal judge has refused to throw out allegations of misconduct against a Virginia prosecutor in a civil lawsuit filed by a man who claims he was arrested and jailed for almost a year based on false accusations supported ...

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