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Court’s Fee Award Less than ‘Laffey Matrix’ (access required)

Lawyers based in Washington D.C. who won plaintiff Project Vote’s suit seeking expanded access to voter registration records, are not entitled to attorney’s fees based on their projected hourly rates ranging from $374 for associates up to $734 for partners, ...

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No Private School Tuition for IDEA Claim (access required)

A student who is a cancer survivor with hearing impairment, specific learning disability and other health impairment under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has received a free appropriate education through defendant school board’s Individualized Education Program for the student, ...

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Court Strikes Petition Residency Regulation (access required)

Virginia’s state residency requirement under Va. Code § 24.2-543 for persons who circulate petitions for independent candidates for President of the U.S. violates the First and 14th Amendments, and a Richmond U.S. District Court permanently enjoins the State Board of ...

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Prisoner sues for violation of civil rights – Defense Verdict (access required)

A post-conviction prisoner sought damages under 42 U.S.C. Sec.1983 for excessive force. Prisoner claimed that after being yanked from his bunk, and after being handcuffed, defendant jail deputies repeated struck him in the head in a malicious and intentional violation ...

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