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Plaintiff’s ‘Willful’ FCRA Charge Survives (access required)

Defendant credit reporting agency cannot escape liability for a “willful,” or “objectively unreasonable” violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for its failure to identify one of three sources of information for its erroneous reporting of a debt that affected ...

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Despite $500 jury award, judge gives consumer lawyer $8K in fees (access required)

A Virginia consumer lawyer says a judge’s hefty fee award in an otherwise small-value used car case will encourage lawyers to stand up for consumers even when the stakes are small. Loudoun County Circuit Judge Thomas D. Horne awarded $8,000 ...

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Debt collection law firms wary of new agency (access required)

Some debt collection lawyers soon may be coming under the scrutiny of aggressive federal regulators, and few seem to be aware of the potential new layer of oversight. That’s the word from a Virginia lawyer who is tracking the regulatory ...

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No class claim against Equifax, appeals court says (access required)


A major credit reporting agency will not face a class action suit by Virginia residents with potentially inaccurate Virginia court judgments on their credit reports. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an order certifying a class in a ...

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