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Homeowners allege fraud in refinancing of mortgage – Confidential Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff homeowners refinanced their pre-existing mortgage in 2007 with a new loan from defendant lender. Plaintiffs alleged that they requested a new mortgage without mortgage insurance and were promised orally and in writing that the new loan would not have ...

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Treble, punitive damages awarded in consumer fraud case – $130,919 Verdict (access required)

Defendants sold a car to plaintiff, financed payment from a bank, convinced plaintiff to re-finance the car, accepted the second payment, and then failed to pay off the first loan in its entirety as they were obligated to do. Defendants ...

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Body Shop Did Not Follow Auction Rules, Car Owner Collects (access required)

An auto body shop was negligent in auctioning plaintiff’s Honda, for which repair and storage amounts were owed, as the body shop did not follow DMV procedures for contesting the NADA value of the vehicle; a Norfolk Circuit Court awards ...

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Dunning Letter Without Tax Advice Not FDCPA Violation (access required)

A debt collector’s dunning letter trumpeting “tax season savings” and offering a discount for a pay-off did not violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because it failed to discuss tax consequences of accepting a discount on the debt, and ...

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