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Arbitration Waiver Is for Whistleblowers Only (access required)

A former manager for a government contractor who is suing for age discrimination cannot avoid arbitration under his employment contract by invoking the arbitration waiver provisions for whistleblowers under the Dodd-Frank Act; the 4th Circuit says Dodd-Frank does not invalidate ...

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No Fraud Claim Against Contractor Employees (access required)

Two counties that hired defendant contractor to expand, install and maintain communications systems for local law enforcement and emergency services, and who allege the contractor substituted inferior, substandard and defective equipment, have failed to state claims for fraud in the ...

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Contractor’s Damages Claim Dismissed (access required)

In plaintiff Projects Management Company’s contract action claiming defendant DynCorp International breached a subcontract, Subcontract 002, by paying invoices for over $1.2 million to a bank account in Lebanon not specifically authorized in Subcontract 002, an Alexandria U.S. District Court ...

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No ‘Safe Harbor’ from Damage Claim (access required)

In this case arising from the receipt of unauthorized distribution of DIRECTV satellite programming to thousands of viewers at Massanutten Resort, orchestrated by defendants Randy Coley and East Coast Cablevision, in which the Harrisonburg U.S. District Court found defendants liable ...

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‘Public Disclosure’ No Bar to FCA Overbilling Claim (access required)

Defendant government contractor’s report to the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General disclosing “unacceptable” time-billing practices, but denying overbilling, was not a “public disclosure” that would bar relator’s suit under the False Claims Act; the Alexandria U.S. District ...

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