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No FCA Claim for Quality Control Complaint (access required)

An engineer for a government contractor that produces explosive devices does not qualify for protection under the False Claims Act’s anti-retaliation provision for his termination after he reported  alleged fraudulent conduct to the government, as his allegations about quality control ...

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Federal Pleading Standard Controls Pleadings (access required)

A contractor has adequately alleged compliance with conditions precedent in its pleadings suing defendant public authority for breach of two contracts for sewer system upgrades, and the Charlottesville U.S. District Court denies the authority’s motion to dismiss. In 2009, defendant ...

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Fraud, Securities Claims All Stayed for Arbitration (access required)

Although not all claims may be arbitrable in a retired physician’s suit arising from alleged fraudulent investment advice, the Roanoke U.S. District Court nevertheless will stay the entire lawsuit pending the outcome of FINRA arbitration with a co-defendant securities firm. ...

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Investors Not ‘Customers’ for FINRA Arbitration (access required)

Investors who purchased allegedly fraudulent securities directly from a business on the recommendation of a lawyer who was working with a broker for a financial services company were not “customers” of the company entitled to FINRA arbitration; the 4th Circuit ...

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