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JMU settles lawsuit over basketball coach hire

James Madison University has settled the lawsuit that accused the school of raiding basketball recruits from a New York college after JMU hired that school’s coach. JMU will pay $100,000 to Marist College under terms of the settlement, reports the ...

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Former DynCorp employee entitled to full retention payment – $5,081,622 Verdict (access required)

Phoenix Consulting Group was bought by DynCorp in October 2009. The owner of Phoenix Consulting Group wanted to give a large bonus from the proceeds of the sale to the president of Phoenix, Col. Gerald York. DynCorp required the owner ...

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Bedbug Sniffing Dog Stays With Defendant (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court modifies its earlier TRO granting plaintiff pest control company return of its alleged property, the bedbug sniffing dog “Dixie,” after defendant hired counsel and presented a sworn affidavit, microchip registration, health certificates and veterinary bills ...

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Moving company sues basketball player for breach of contract – Motion to strike granted (access required)

This lawsuit arose from the alleged breach of a contract by defendant Gilbert Arenas, a professional basketball player, to move the contents of Arenas’ home in Fairfax County to California. In November 2010, Arenas and his girlfriend, Laura Mendoza-Govan, separated. ...

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