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No Amendment for Debt Collector’s Contract Claim (access required)

In plaintiff’s lawsuit alleging defendant defamed plaintiff by making false statements that plaintiff forged documents in connection with a contract for debt collection services plaintiff had with SMI Hyundai, an Alexandria U.S. District Court accepts the magistrate judge’s recommendation and ...

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Stock Buyer’s ‘Due Diligence’ Supports Fraud Claim (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court says plaintiffs who contracted to sell over 1 million shares of stock in Mediatech, a Virginia-based biotech company, but who later blamed misrepresentations by defendant buyer for their agreement to a sale price of $4 ...

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Exhibit Sealed in False Claims Act Suit (access required)

In evaluating defendant Halliburton’s motion to dismiss this False Claims Act suit filed by relator, the Alexandria U.S. District will seal “Exhibit J,” a KBR Employee Relations Investigative Report that contains confidential findings normally unavailable to the public, but the ...

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