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Court Upholds Award on Restrictive Covenant (access required)

In this suit involving a therapy contractor’s claims that nine defendant facilities terminated their contracts and then hired 57 of the contractor’s former employees in violation of a restrictive covenant, a Lynchburg U.S. District Court affirms an arbitrator’s award that ...

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Deponent Sanction Not Applied Against Defendants (access required)

In this suit by plaintiff investors in a wood products business against their business manager’s alleged kickback scheme, an Abingdon U.S. District says although several defendants who refused to answer deposition questions may not use their own testimony at trial, ...

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Lender’s First-Refusal & Fraud Claims Advance (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says a plaintiff who made a loan to defendant corporation, in exchange for a promissory note and right of first refusal to purchase the company’s assets, can sue for fraudulent conveyance and intentional interference with his ...

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