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‘Equitable adjustment’ sought for site and excavating work – $1,087,266 Verdict (access required)

Haymes Brothers, a site and excavating company, was the site contractor on a project for RTI International Metals Inc.’s construction of a new facility in Martinsville. The case involved a claim by Haymes Brothers for an “equitable adjustment” under the ...

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Engineering Firm Collects Fees for Site Plan (access required)

An engineering firm that did not have correct information and failed to site defendant’s Louisa County tire recycling plant in the service area for Dominion Virginia Power, can collect $18,160 in attorney’s fees after its successful mechanic’s lien action to ...

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Qui Tam Claims Advance on Katrina, Iraq Contracts (access required)

In this False Claims Act suit, an Alexandria U.S. District Court grants defendants’ motion to dismiss with respect to the relators’ claim that defendants billed for worthless services in Iraq and Afghanistan under the Worldwide Personal Protective Services II contract, ...

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Court Can Decide Telecom Contract Case (access required)

In this contract dispute among several telecommunications carriers over fees that defendant carriers have agreed to pay plaintiff carriers for the use of plaintiff’s local telephone network facilities, a Richmond U.S. District Court sustains objections to a magistrate judge’s report ...

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