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Employees conspiring to steal your business? (access required)

Every corporate counsel knows that departing employees often take some form of an employer’s confidential and proprietary information to use at their next job. It is a fact of business and to some limited extent, little can be done (cost-effectively) ...

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Sticking to the script: Ethics issues can arise with metadata mining (access required)

Electronic documents can tell a tale at odds with the surface script, and dealing with “metadata” can present temptations to corporate counsel when an email hits the wrong person’s inbox. Metadata includes the hidden information that describes the history, tracking ...

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New fee disclosure rules increase responsibilities (access required)

From the Pension Protection Act of 2006 to fee disclosure regulations taking effect in 2012, employer-sponsored retirement plans have seen a flurry of changes from Congress and regulators. While these changes stand to improve retirement outcomes, they also impose a ...

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Corporate counsel pay also takes a hit

And in more news from the department of “it’s tough all over,” compensation for corporate counsel also has dropped, according to a new survey released by AmLaw’s Corporate Counsel. Base pay has been relatively stable, the survey reports, dropping slightly ...

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Corporate counsel look for help from specialists

Corporate counsel may not need to be wined and dined by law firms seeking their business. But they do like meat and potatoes, in the form of substantive reasons why a particular lawyer will help them solve a problem. In-house ...

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‘General counsel’ services now available part-time (access required)

Companies leery of adding a full time lawyer to their management team are finding more options for temporary or part-time “general counsel” legal services in Virginia. Startups and small businesses facing legal questions can call on lawyers willing to serve ...

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