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Habeas Writ Reversed for Jurors’ Dictionary Use (access required)

Although jurors consulted a dictionary for definitions of terms in the judge’s criminal instructions after defendant drove his car the wrong way down an exit ramp, the 4th Circuit says defendant was not prejudiced because the dictionary definitions did not ...

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Court Suppresses Teenager’s Statement on ‘Rape’ (access required)

An investigator who approached a 17-year-old defendant “dozing” in a holding cell and told him a young woman had accused him of rape, engaged in the functional equivalent of interrogation, and a Martinsville Circuit Court suppresses the teenager’s statement that ...

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Noise Ordinance Void for Vagueness (access required)

A woman whose neighbors complained about barking dogs has her conviction for violating Warren County’s former noise ordinance reversed; the Court of Appeals says the ordinance is void for vagueness under Tanner v. City of Virginia Beach, 277 Va. 432 ...

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