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Idiosyncratic Torching Stolen Vehicles Admits Prior Crimes Evidence (access required)

A jury convicted defendant of murder, felony use of a firearm and grand larceny after hearing evidence of six prior grand larcenies, one attempted grand larceny and burning a stolen vehicle. Defendant appeals admission of the prior crimes evidence; the ...

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Buck beef is settled, case dismissed

Charlottesville lawyer Frank Buck has been cleared of an assault charge for throttling his client in a courtroom. A judge Thursday approved an accord-and-satisfaction proposal, dismissing the charge. Buck paid $81 in court costs, reports The Hook, a Charlottesville weekly. ...

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Supreme Court decides 19 cases (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia reversed today the order that 40 Gloucester County residents had to pay $2,000 each in sanctions because they signed a petition to remove four members of the board of supervisors. The court ruled unanimously in ...

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No Restitution for Shooting Victim’s ‘Indirect Loss’ (access required)

In ordering defendant to pay restitution for shooting a Hampton University dormitory night manager, the Court of Appeals says the trial court cannot include $62,615 for water damage to the victim’s home suffered because he was convalescing at a relative’s ...

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