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No Reversal for ‘Other Crimes’ Evidence (access required)

Although defendant contends the trial judge erred in admitting at defendant’s sentencing hearing for rape and abduction a police detective’s testimony about defendant’s alleged molestation of a 10-year-old child in Fairfax, the sentencing judge said he was not influenced by ...

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Defendant Objected to Drug Stipulation, Gets New Trial (access required)

Admission of a defense lawyer’s stipulation to drug testing and heroin quantity, that defendant refused to sign, violated defendant’s Sixth Amendment confrontation right, and the 4th Circuit vacates his drug conviction and orders a new trial. A jury convicted Randolph ...

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Manslaughter Conviction Does Not Count for ‘Career Offender’ (access required)

A North Carolina involuntary manslaughter conviction did not count toward “career offender” status under federal sentencing guidelines, and the 4th Circuit vacates a drug defendant’s enhanced sentence and remands for resentencing. After a jury convicted John Peterson on six counts ...

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