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Bail jumpers and bounty hunters

A bail bondsman’s encounter with a man at a funeral must have looked a little like an episode of “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Clifton L. Collins came up from North Carolina to Mecklenburg County because he heard a man he ...

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Criminal – Habeas Corpus – Civil Commitment – ‘Adam Walsh’ Act – Standard Of Proof (access required)

The 4th Circuit vacates a district court order granting habeas relief to a petitioner challenging his civil commitment as a “sexually dangerous” person under the Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act, as petitioner did not exhaust his remedies and ...

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Find out who’s trying to get a writ (access required)

If one of your colleagues is missing on Tuesday, you might find that he’s in Richmond before a three-justice panel of the Supreme Court of Virginia. For the first time, the Supreme Court has published the list of cases at ...

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Criminal – Child Pornography – Cell-Phone Pictures (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms a 21-year-old defendant’s convictions for possession of child pornography for three photos sent to him by cell-phone from his 17-year-old girlfriend, showing her with her breasts exposed in a “sultry pose.” The evidence at trial ...

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