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Criminal – Attempted Malicious Wounding – Firearm Use – Intent (access required)

Although defendant contends he did not act with the specific intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill the victim when he used a firearm to take his money, the Court of Appeals nevertheless affirms his conviction. Defendant entered the victim’s ...

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Criminal – Sale Of Wild Animal Parts – Mounted Deer Heads – Jurisdiction (access required)

A defendant who variously explained his possession of mounted deer heads offered for sale on eBay by saying they were road kill, legally harvest or from a butcher shop, and who did not hold a valid taxidermy license, has convictions ...

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Old lab report procedure invalid under Melendez, court holds (access required)

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s holding in Melendez-Diaz, the Supreme Court of Virginia has acknowledged Virginia’s former procedure for admission of lab reports in criminal trials failed to safeguard a defendant’s rights under the Confrontation Clause. The decision today in ...

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Was affidavit admitted in violation of Crawford? (access required)

Senior Assistant Attorney General Leah Darron wanted to talk today about harmless error because the evidence against Anthony Dale Crawford in the death of his estranged wife appeared to be overwhelming. Justices of the Supreme Court of Virginia asked her ...

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Justice questions probation revocation after Alford plea (access required)

Virginia Supreme Court Justice Lawrence L. Koontz Jr. said during oral arguments today “the commonwealth appears to be doing through the back door what it couldn’t do through the front door” in asking for revocation of the probation of a ...

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Criminal – Construction Fraud – Incomplete Renovation – Intent (access required)

Although defendant contractor had not ordered kitchen cabinets when he told a homeowner that he needed a $1,500 draw from her construction loan because the cabinets were on order, this false statement was not sufficient to prove the contractor had ...

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