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Charges tossed amid claims of prosecutor misconduct (access required)

After defense lawyers argued prosecutors unfairly influenced a grand jury, a Fauquier County judge dismissed seven felony charges against a former attorney accused of misappropriating client money. Prosecutors then withdrew two felony charges of making false statements on tax returns. ...

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No Sentence Reduction for ‘Career Offender’ (access required)

A defendant serving a sentence for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine is not eligible for a sentence reduction pursuant to Amendment 782 to the federal sentencing guidelines; because he was sentenced pursuant to the career offender guideline, the Abingdon U.S. District ...

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Creditor’s Claim to Forfeited Property Denied (access required)

In the wake of the prosecution of defendant cigarette manufacturer and forfeiture of its property, an Abingdon U.S. District Court accepts a magistrate judge’s recommendation to dismiss a claim to the forfeited property filed by petitioner, a supplier of cigarette ...

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