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Competency Not at Issue for Habeas Petition (access required)

A Roanoke U.S. District Court denies petitioner’s motion to find him incompetent and to stay these federal habeas proceedings pending petitioner’s restoration to competency; petitioner’s present competence is irrelevant to the court’s consideration of his habeas petition. Petitioner was convicted ...

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Crime commission sets priorities for DNA testing notice (access required)

DNA Testing

Persons in Virginia prisons, with case files that contain sperm evidence for DNA testing, should be at the top of the list for notice under the commonwealth’s testing program for decades-old cases, the Virginia Crime Commission said on Sept. 23. ...

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Deferred disposition case offers divergent views (access required)

Court-of-Appeals cr

Virginia lawyers continue to look for signs of movement in the state of the law on deferred dispositions. A new opinion from the Court of Appeals of Virginia highlights differences among three judges on the procedural posture of a deferred ...

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