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Reversal in Track Coach’s ‘Computer Solicitation’ Case (access required)

Although defendant, a 40-year-old specialty track coach, sent a 16-year-old student flirtatious and sexually explicit text messages, including a graphic description of a dream in which he and the student engaged in a variety of sexual acts, his text messages ...

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Victim’s Distress Supported ‘Aggravated’ Element (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s conviction of aggravated sexual battery after he sexually assaulted a woman who had been helped to a bed in a coworker’s home after a social gathering, due to her intoxication; the woman’s testimony demonstrated ...

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Stolen State Inspection Stickers Supported Convictions (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s burglary-related convictions arising from entry into and theft from an auto service business, whose state inspection stickers were discovered inside defendant’s van. Defendant argues that because he was not in exclusive possession of the ...

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