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Website must identify ‘John Doe’ posters (access required)

An Alexandria Circuit Court says a Virginia carpet cleaning business may subpoena information on persons who posted anonymous complaints about the business on Yelp.com, a California-based social networking site. The court said it would enforce a subpoena served by the ...

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No tort claim for sharing ‘defamatory’ web links (access required)

An advertising company can’t sue a competitor for notifying potential customers about critical Internet postings, says a Norfolk federal court. Businesses know how online chatter can shape their reputations. With whole websites devoted to consumer complaints, wireless word-of-mouth can amplify ...

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Man jailed for refusing to answer deposition question

A Botetourt County man was jailed without bond after refusing to comply with a judge’s order to respond to a deposition question in a civil suit. Danny H. Goad was charged with contempt of court after a hearing Thursday in ...

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