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Rule changes would deal with discovery (access required)

e-discovery woman w magnify

Lawyers are concerned that discovery is getting out of hand. The masses of data that are part of everyday operations in modern organizations are generating ever-more complicated discovery demands, even in simple cases. Responding to concern from litigators nationwide, the ...

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Loudoun judge approves predictive coding results (access required)

In the first case to approve the use of predictive coding over a party’s objection, a Loudoun Circuit Court judge has signed off on the defense’s computer-assisted review results in a document-heavy case. Computer-assisted review made headlines over the past ...

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An ‘unzip’ drive: Defense bar pushing new rules for broader access to prosecutors’ files (access required)

Weary of case-by-case skirmishing over discovery, the criminal defense bar has seized the initiative to push for broad change to the rules governing access to prosecutors’ files. Defense lawyers are one step closer to winning wider access to police reports ...

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Litigation pitfalls and pratfalls (access required)

Lawyers can find plenty of ways to stay out of a courtroom. Instead of the hand-to-hand combat of a trial before judge or jury, they can opt for some form of alternative dispute resolution. But the lure of the courtroom ...

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Surveillance says… (access required)

Big Brother is watching, but what happens when Big Brother has to go to court to tell what he saw? That’s the question for lawyers who are increasingly using video from those ever-present security cameras as evidence in legal cases: ...

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Discrimination suit dismissed for spoliation

Document custodians must track a mass of digital data, and are bound to overlook – or delete – documents that later are demanded in a lawsuit. But there are sins of omission, and sins of commission. Taking a sledgehammer to ...

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