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Law firm tech experts can do the hand-holding (access required)

A client may tremble with fear or fume with annoyance when asked to produce electronic data. It’s up to the legal support team to talk the client down from the ledge. Planning is key, whether a law firm is using ...

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Smartphone data more important in litigation (access required)

Smartphones are increasingly becoming not just useful tools for lawyers on the go, but potentially important factors in litigation. Requesting smartphone data as part of electronic discovery “is something lawyers should think about both from an offensive and defensive perspective,” ...

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Deleted emails prompt adverse jury instruction

It’s a hard-fought, high-stakes trade secrets case, with scads of pretrial motions and some two-dozen lawyers involved. A jury trial is set to start this week in Richmond federal court in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. v. Kolon ...

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Court strikes claim after lie about therapy

A hearing-impaired employee who sued Walmart for disability discrimination forfeited both her lawyer and her claim for damages when she lied about receiving mental health treatment. Stephanie Holmes worked four years as a stocker for a Walmart in Alexandria. She ...

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