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Adoption Order Bars Grandparent Visitation (access required)

A trial court’s grant of foster parents’ petition for adoption of two siblings terminates the children’s legal relationship with their biological grandparents; the Court of Appeals upholds the adoption order and termination of the grandparents’ visitation rights as in the ...

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Schizophrenic Mother Refuses Meds (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms termination of the parental rights of a mother who had been diagnosed with schizophrenic personality order and refused to take anti-psychotic medication, leading to her hospitalization. Contrary to the mother’s arguments, she had a reasonable ...

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Adoption severs visitation rights of grandparents (access required)


An adoption order severs the visitation rights of a child’s biological grandparents, the Virginia Court of Appeals has held. The court construed a 1997 legislative change that made it clear that General Assembly intended to break the connection between a ...

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