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Wife Gets Bigger Share of Husband’s Pension (access required)

A divorce court erred in calculating wife’s share of husband’s disability retirement benefits based on the min­imum retirement age allowed by em­ployer, rather than husband’s actual date of retirement; the Court of Appeals reverses and remands for recalculation of wife’s ...

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Virginia Spouse Can Get Divorce In Rem (access required)

A Norfolk Circuit Court denies a non-Virginia resident wife’s motion to dis­miss husband’s divorce complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction and improper ven­ue; Virginia law does not require the court to have personal jurisdiction over wife to grant husband an ...

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‘Gray Divorce’ (access required)

Divorce Decree FEA

Baby boomers may remember when Elvis sang, “I’ve got a lot o’ living to do.” Lately, many aging boomers relate to that old song – and start thinking about divorce – when their children leave the house. Longer lifetimes mean ...

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